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The Top 20 Drug Films Of All Time
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Drug culture in modern day cinema. We need it, we want it, we crave it. Kinda like drugs. Vote in our monthly poll so we can come up with our year end Top 20!



(Please Watch Responsibly)

PLEASE NOTE: This list is being compiled for info/facts and general interest in drug culture & drug abuse/addiction in modern day cinema. This site DOES NOT condone or agree with the content in these films, nor do we suggest that these films be viewed by anyone in recovery from drug addiction.

Now that you've read our disclaimer, let me tell you a little bit about what we're trying to do.

This site is designed to gather enough votes & opinions, to compile a top 20 chart/list, of some of the best drug-themed movies out there. We're talking about the best FILMS-not the best drug using scenes.Keep that in mind


Check back often as our monthly voting/poll list will change. After all films have gotten a vote will tally up your Top 20!. Hopefully you'll submit any photos, links and/or any films NOT included in our list, so we can update it.
E.S. Day

The real Christiane F.

This is a pic of the "Real" Christiane F.
Who eventually had a movie made, based on her disturbing and chilling events, that took place at Berlins notorious "Zoo" station. Exceptional film.

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